Our Story

In June 2010, we (me-Lora and my husband-Brandon) established Caro-Bama LLC.  We started near downtown in the 32803 zipcode, and have now expanded to all of Central Florida including Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Apopka, Celebration,Downtown Orlando, Mt. Dora and many more. We have catered events of all sizes throughout Orlando and surrounding cities.  We are now expanding our business.  We have purchased a mobile food trailer and will soon be serving delicious BBQ in Orlando.  We blend the BBQ traditions of the Carolinas, my home, and of Alabama, Brandon’s home.  The combination is irresistible!  Keep an eye out for our opening date and locations.  You’ll want to try our famous white sauce, not to mention everything else on our menu!

  1. Stephanie Garris says:

    Lora – I am hoping you guys are available to cater an event at my home on Friday, March 1st for the staff and volunteers at Grace Medical Home. Can you please email me if you can do this?

  2. Kim says:

    Good morning and Happy New Year. I am wanting to know if you travel to the Melbourne area? Thank you for your time. Kim

  3. jessi sills says:

    What is the phone number?

  4. Daryl Baer says:

    Hey I’m one of the owners of Burgerfi in Lake Mary and Altamonte Springs. We met a couple weeks ago. I would love to come out and see you guys. When will you have a January schedule up? See you soon! Daryl

    • carobama says:

      Hey there! We have had a little time off in January, but will be out and about in the days ahead. I try to post our schedule on Mondays, so you should be able to check back here on Mondays for our locations for the week. Look forward to seeing you again!

  5. Bryan says:

    Do you ever cater events in Orlando?

  6. Good Morning,

    I called last week to ask if you are available to cater on Thursday, October 8 for a company lunch event from 12pm to 2pm. This event is for our Costumer Service Appreciation Week.

    • carobama says:

      I’m so sorry that we missed your message! We upgraded our phones last week and it was a total mess. We lost a lot of information! How many people are you trying to feed?

      • Thank you for getting back to me. We will have about 40 to 50 people. We were wondering if we could have the food truck come to our location and serve. The 40+ people will not include our surrounding offices. We’ve had food trucks come previously and we advertise to our surrounding offices for them to enjoy as well.

      • carobama says:

        Sharon, I just got home and checked our calendar and it looks like we’re actually booked all day that day. I’m so sorry. Thank you so much for considering us! Please keep us in mind in the future.

      • Hello, we spoke yesterday on an event for this Thursday for our Customer Service Appreciation week. You mentioned you are not available on Thursday, but are you available on Friday, 10/8?

      • carobama says:

        We are booked that day as well. So sorry about that!

  7. Jayne-Lisa Manera says:

    If love to speak with someone about coming out to serve food for my daughters 16th birthday party on October 24th 2015! I’d love to have your food truck there.



  8. Ed says:

    I had my second Carobama experience today at the dragon boat races. My congratulations and thanks to you both for delivering the real thing: chopped pork, with slaw and carolina vinegar sauce. Authentically delicious.

  9. Tim fleming says:

    Hey Brandon
    You guys where at the ESPN complex for a huge cheer leading comp. I hoping you can help me out with your mustard sauce!

    From Seattle

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