October 13-18, 2015

October 13-18, 2015
Tues 6:30-10, Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District, 2424 East Robinson St, Orlando 32803
Wed 11-2, Highwoods, 2145 Metrocenter Blvd, Orlando 32835
Thurs 6-8, Lake Nona Live/Local, Crescent Park at Laureate Park, 8374 Upper Perse Circle, Orlando 32827
Friday, 5-9:30, Edgewater High School Homecoming, 3100 Edgewater Drive, Orlando
Saturday, 10am – 5pm, Dragon Boat Races/Food Truck Bazaar, Turkey Lake at Bill Frederick Park, 3401 South Hiawassee Road, Orlando


2 thoughts on “October 13-18, 2015

  1. Hello. I saw you all at the Legends Saturday. My husband is the one from Monroeville, AL. I am PTO President at Lost Lake Elementary in Clermont and we are having a movie night on Nov 6 and another function Dec 10. We wanna know how much it would be to just have pulled pork and buns and a pork alternative. Perhaps at 25-30 lbs each? And beans.

    1. Hey there! Sorry for the delay! You would just want a delivery of meat and sauce correct? We sell smoked chopped chicken and Carolina pulled pork for $14/lb and Angus beef brisket for $15 per pound. This includes the sauce and delivery, but does not include the 6.5% sales tax. We also sell a full tray of beans for $60. That would feed 50 people. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks so much!

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